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Are you ready to take your growth to the next level?

I can help you if...

  • You know that there's more to life than what meets the eye

  • You know you're on a spiritual journey

  • You desire to live a more conscious life with a deeper awareness

  • You're done with trying to do everything on your own

  • You're open and receptive to guidance

  • You're ready to face your inner world and uncover the real you

  • You're ready to let go of your limiting beliefs about who you are 

  • You wholeheartedly desire to live a fulfilling life, that's in the flow 

  • You desire to be more connected with your intuition, your inner voice, your Spiritual Team/Guides beyond this physical dimension

  • And you're ready to make a commitment to do what it takes to acknowledge and implement your heart & soul's desires

Ways to work with me & access my life experience:

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This is the main gathering place where I share a lot of my personal experiences and learnings. And if you prefer Facebook, I've also got a page there too (you can find it here).

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I love to share my personal story and experiences, as well as what I've learned, in person! I believe it's through sharing our personal story with others that we can help ourselves and others heal.

4. Hire me as an Energy Practitioner by contacting me here

As a trained Usui Reiki Master, I love to provide distance energy healing sessions for people that are open and receptive to an energy shift. The energy shifts that my clients often report experiencing are feelings of relaxation, calm, and feeling a sense of inner peace. These sessions are simply for an energy tune-up and range from 15 mins. to 30 mins. duration.

5. Hire me as a Personal Coach by contacting me here

If there's one thing I loveeee doing, it's working with spiritually conscious people who're ready and open to diving deeper on their spiritual path! If this sounds like you and you're ready to take your growth to the next level then reach out to me today and we can talk about what coaching option will work best for you (i.e. I offer 1-to-1. coaching packages, as well as single sessions). 

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As a creative, and inspiredARTist, I've created a little shop on which carries many products that feature replicas of my original mandala & abstract artwork. If you desire to support me in this way, thank you.

OH, and if you've got something else on your mind about how we can work together then please send me a message by reaching out here.

It's through sharing our personal experience, our journey

& our giftwith others that we give hope,

spread love and spark light.

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