moments of reflection.


Whether it be as I'm writing about my learnings, gratitude, or through meditation and the inspiration that comes forward I find myself in a moment of reflection. Written below are just a few of my thoughts that made their way to the surface of my mind to be written about and shared. May you only take what resonates. Peace to you.

Have you ever caught yourself in the cycle of comparison? That moment, when you’ve either intentionally, or subconsciously, compared yourself to your peers?

Well if so, it’s no surprise! You are human.

In this blog post, I’d like to share with you two types of comparison: intrinsic comparison vs. proficiency comparison. So that, the next time you find yourself in the cycle of comparison, yo...

Learn what you need to do to get back your life and feel more connected. Reconnect with your feelings by identifying the types of feelings you can have and acknowledge them in all their fullness.

Wow, where can I begin. Why didn’t I open my Etsy shop two years ago when it first popped into my mind? Hmm… I guess you could say, I had a bazillion-and-one fears and excuses that came up like…

I am not sure how to ship art across the USA and Canada.

I really just don’t have enough inspiredART art pieces to open an online shop, yet.

I’m not good enough to share my art THAT publicly yet!


An interesting thing happened to me the other day.

As I reflect back on the situation, I realize that on a personal level, I felt completely blocked and out of alignment with the Universe. Now, I don’t like to be out of alignment (who does?!), the disconnection does not feel good. When I analyze why I was in this frame of mind I realize that it was because I was completely ‘in my mind’.


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