Want to expand Your soul? Then Paint; but don't just paint...share it, publicly.

What I have come to learn is that sharing your creativity with others takes immense courage.

It is batshit crazy SCARY (please, excuse my language).

My first experience sharing inspiredART, in-person, was an act of bearing my heart & soul.

I was vulnerable, exposed, and completely oblivious to what might transpire. 


I hoped for some validation.

Validation, that what I was painting with my Spiritual Team was at least "good enough".


In this whole process, what I came to realize (a few years after my first showing), is that it does NOT matter if what I was painting was liked, sold, or complimented. 


What mattered was that I started to follow my heart and soul.

More importantly, that I started to share who I really am with others.


inspiredART was birthed out of my 2014 awakening experience.

This awakening experience symbolized a return to my soul, a return to LOVE.

inspiredART pieces are painted with acrylics, spiritually energized, & emanate peaceful energy.

All pieces are created and painted with the guidance of my Spiritual Team.

Created through the use of my intuitive, clairvoyant, clairsentience, and claircognizance abilities.

We all have intuitive abilities! Yes, even you. :)

inspiredART has come in the form of detailed mandalas, for meditation.

As well as, beautifully coloured and powerful abstracts!

Every detail on an inspiredART piece has meaning.

Every inspiredART piece is energized in a way that speaks to the soul that it attracts. 

Spiritually energized artwork created

with intuitive guidance.

A few notes worth mentioning...

The energy an inspiredART piece has been attuned with comes from my Spiritual Team intuitively letting me know, or it just emerges (whether it be from me sitting in meditation holding space for it to come forward or me just going about my daily activities). Wherever the piece is, that is where it shares its healing energy vibration.

Every inspiredART piece is attuned with Energy



You can re-energize your inspiredART piece with a new vibration

If you'd like to re-energize your inspiredART piece so that it emits a new vibration...then all you have to do is simply set your intention (with that new vibration), believe it and you will make it so. It really is that easy. :)


inspiredART is painted with High-vibrational Beings

In most cases, I work intuitively with my Spiritual Team (comprised of Guardian Angels, Archangels, Fairies, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Source energy, as well as a few others). In some occasions, various Ascended Masters and Spiritual Beings have come to work with me too (such as Quan Yin, Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, Sirius, Arcturians, and Mermaids). 


—  D., Canada

“You have a wonderful gift.”


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